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 Starting a real estate business with zero capital can be challenging, but it's not impossible. Here are some creative ways to get started in real estate without much initial investment:

1.Wholesaling: Real estate Wholesaling involves finding great deals on properties and then assigning those contracts to investors for fee. you act as the middleman and don't need to purchase the property yourself. While it may not require much capital upfront, it will require strong negotiation and marketing skills.

2.Bird-Dogging: Similar to wholesaling, a bird-dog find good real estate deals and refers them to investors. in return a finder's fee when the deal is closed. This approach requires little to no upfront capital, but you'll need to have a keen eye for spotting potential opportunities.

3.Partnerships: Seek out partners who are willing to invest capital in the business while you contribute your time, expertise, or sweat equity. look for individuals or investors who are interested in real estate but may lack the time or know-how to actively manage properties.

4.Real Estate Crowdfunding: Some online platforms allow you to participate in real estate projects with very little money. While this won't be your own business perse, it's a way to get involved in real estate without significant upfront capital. 

5.Property Management services: Offer your property management services to real estate investors or landlords in exchange for a share of the rental income or a flat fee. This way, you can generate income without having to purchase properties yourself.

6.Commission-Based Roles: Consider becoming a real estate agent or working for a real estate brokerage where you earn commissions on sales. while it may take some time to establish yourself, it's a way to get started without financial risk.

7.Bartering and Trading: Get creative with your skills and assets. if you have skills that are valuable to others in the real estate industry (e.g., web design, marketing, photography), offer your services in exchange for mentorship, guidance, or access to deals.

8.Networking and Education: Attend local real estate events, workshops, and seminars to bulid connections and gain knowledge. The right connections can lead to potential partnerships or opportunities for low-capital investment.

Remember that even with these approaches, success will depend on your dedication, hard work and ability to add value to others. As you gain experience and potentially some funds, you can reinvest in your real estate business and scale it further, and grow in this business.  

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